Dry needling is used as a complimentary technique for the gentle and effective treatment of muscle aches, pains and dysfunction from hyper-irritated muscle tissue. It serves as a quick relief for muscular pains, muscle spasm, muscle tightness, trigger points and is often used in conjunction with soft tissue work and mobilisation of the effected joints. This technique involves the use of acupuncture needles to release trigger points and tight muscle bands. The needle is inserted into the muscle fibres where it remains until the muscle begins to give signs that it has relaxed in tension.

It is a safe treatment technique when performed by a qualified practitioner. We ensure that only individually packaged, single-use sterile needles are used. The dry needling technique helps in the relaxation of the muscle and promotes increased blood flow to the area being treated, which then brings with it more nutrients to the area which promotes improved recovery times healing. Bruising for approximately a week can occur sometimes after treatment. People who receive dry needling often feel more energised with a deep sense of relaxation and overall health and well being.