Remedial massage therapy is used for the recovery and rehabilitation of muscles and other soft tissues. It provides quick relief from muscle related aches and pains, helps in improved movement and healing of muscular injuries. Some conditions treated include:

  • Acute and chronic muscular injuries
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder stiffness
  • Forearm pain from conditions such as tennis or golfers elbow or overuse of the mouse at the computer
  • Calf and hamstring strains
  • Reduced or restricted movement in joints
  • Suitable for most muscular pains and stiffness

We offer affordable remedial massage therapy that comes with a lot of benefits like reduced pain, quick recovery from injury, lower stress levels, relaxed mind, elevated mood, better sleep, improved circulation blood flow, improved elasticity in muscles and other soft tissues. Our massage therapy is a holistic approach to ensuring the physical, emotional and overall well being of our patients. We believe that relaxing the body helps relax our mind, which is why remedial massage therapy can also be used to help bring calm to our tired and stressed bodies.